This page contains some presentations related to WPPT and PRESS. Please feel free to use these presentations - or contact us if you need other presentations.

Wind Power Prediction Tool (WPPT)

This WPPT presentation, which originally was presented at a meeting at the Danish Offshore Center in Esbjerg, gives an overview of the methods and models used in WPPT. Furthermore the presentation shows configuration examples for WPPT used in practice. Download.

An overview of wind power forecast types

This presentation from WIW'11 in Aarhus, Denmark provides an overview of wind power forcast types and their use in relation to power systems operation. Download.

WPPT as a service or as a local instalaltion

WPPT can be provided as a local installation or as a service. This presentation from the 2011 best practice work shop in Aarhus, Denmark discuss when to use which.​Download.

SolarFor at AEMO

This presentation from a COST meeting help in Budapest Oct. 9-11, 2013 briefly introduces SolarFor as implemented at the Australian Market Operator (AEMO). Download.​Furthermore, this presentation from EMS 2014 in Prague ( gives more details about the system and compares the performance with physical modelling. Download.

Forecasting issues: Wind Turbine Control

This mixed short presentation, which originally was presented at a visit by Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co. (Japan), gives a short overview of some of our methods related to wind turbine control, wind power forecasting and heat load forecasting. ​Download​.

Heat Load and Energy Systems Optimization (PRESS)

This PRESS related presentation focus on the importance of supply temperature control for optimizing the operation of district heating systems. Furthermore the presentation demonstrates the huge potential savings obtained by using PRESS in district heating systems. Download.


This presentation describes how PRESS can take advantage of meteorological forecasts in predicting the heat load in district heating systems. Download.

PRESS heat load forecasting and temperature optimization

This presentation from a workshop held in "Fjernvarmens hus" in Kolding, Denmark , 2010 describes PRESS and demonstrates savings obtained. Download (Danish).​​

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