External Papers

A master thesis from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden

This is a Master Thesis written by Andrew Boone from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Power Systems, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

This thesis compares WPPT with some other wind power prediction systems - see for instances page 28.


An evaluation of the first Australian installation of WPPT

This paper contains a first tentative evaluation of one full year of WPPT operation in Australia at Hydro Tasmania.


An evaluation of WPPT at Sorne Hill in Ireland

This document contains an evaluation of WPPT based on some preliminary data and MET input. The evaluation is a part of a feasibility study for a development of a dispatchable wind turbine output by using predictions and an energy storage system from VRB Power Systems.


NUON Holland

A presentation describing the use of WPPT forecasts at the NUON Energy Sourcing in Holland.


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