Wind Power Prediction Tool (WPPT)

This software tool automatically generates short-term forecasts of wind power production for wind farms or regions. The system is easy to set up as it automatically finds the optimal way of making the predictions.​Read more.

Heat Load Prediction and Energy Systems Optimization (PRESS)

This software tool provides short-term forecasts for heat loads. For district heating system the software ensures an optimal operation of the supply temperature in the distribution net.Read more.

Electricity Load Prediction (LOADFOR)

This is a product where we typically tailor our software to the users particular needs. We have large experience in building prediction methods which take into account the user behaviour, air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, etc.​Read more.

Solar Power Prediction (SOLARFOR)

A tool for online solar power forecasting with reliable estimates of the precision of the forecasts.​Read more.

Power Price Prediction (PRICEFOR)

This is a product for highly advanced prediction of energy prices in deregulated markets.​Read more.

All ENFOR forecasting products share the same underlying engine required by an online system. This engine is a time controlled system with automatic retries which controls the internal and external data flows in online operation. Furthermore, this engine contains routines for data import/export, checking, resampling, etc.

Generally, forecasts are supplied together with standard uncertainty intervals. For cases where the meteorological forecast uncertainty are significant the standard forecasts can be supplemented with quantile forecasts, which are highly reliable representations of the uncertainty.

In order to include the development over time in the representation of uncertainty reliable scenarios can further supplement the standard forecasts. These scenarios can furthermore be generated jointly across the forecast products. In this way all relevant auto- and cross-correlations can be accounted for.​​

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