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SolarFor as implemented in the Australian Solar Energy Forecasting System (ASEFS) at Australian Energy Market Operator, with Overspeed as system integrator, was presented at EMS 2014 in Prague and compared to physical modelling with focus on forecast horizons 1-5 days and using inputs from GFS-HD and ECMWF. It is clear that the mixed physical and statistical modelling of SolarFor clearly outperforms physical modelling. Also, the benefit of SolarFor combined forecasting is evident; it outperforms the best of the individual forecasts (SolarFor running on ECMWF). Download presentation.

ASEFS builds on the success of the Australian Wind Energy Forecasting System (AWEFS) implemented at AEMO with Overspeed as system integrator. SolarFor is a central part of ASEFS in the same way as WPPT is a central part of AWEFS. See also page 4 on ​this link​.

EMD International A/S acquire stake in ENFOR A/S


EMD International A/S, a leading provider of software for the design and operation of wind farms and combined heat and power plants, has purchased a major stake in ENFOR A/S, as part of a strategic partnership between the two companies.

As part of the cooperation, it is the intention to increase sale of ENFOR´s products and services internationally through EMD’s global sales network. The cooperation will also focus on knowledge exchange in connection with the continued development of both companies’ current product portfolios as well as development of new joint products.

Per Nielsen, Managing Director at EMD, says: "So far EMD has mainly been focusing on software and consultancy services in connection with the design and planning of new wind farm and cogeneration projects, but we are now starting to offer new software solutions aimed at the operational phase of wind farms as well as cogeneration plants. In this connection, we see a great value in being able to offer ENFOR´s forecasting and optimization solutions to our customers along with our own software solutions, as they complement each other ".

Torben S. Nielsen, Managing Director at ENFOR, has the following comments in connection with share acquisition: "As a minor, very technically-oriented company, we look forward to working with EMD, which has become a leading supplier of design and planning software to the international energy sector with their different software packages sold to well over 2,000 companies in nearly 100 countries. Similarly, EMD has

See also the press release (Danish).

ENFOR not affected by Heartbleed bug


Users of the hosting services of ENFOR have no reason to worry about the latest internet security breach: None of the servers of ENFOR are or have been vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug​ (CVE-2014-0160).

Welcome to our new homepage


Welcome to the new ENFOR homepage. This homepage will be far more dynamic than the previous version. News will be posted on a regular basis and over the next months we will present many of the new developments which we have been working on recently.

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